Why Kadence Is The Best WordPress Theme For Your Website

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So, you’re looking for the best WordPress theme for your website? Well, it’s a good thing you’ve landed here! Your theme choice for your new WordPress site will determine whether your site design will be easy or complicated. While many WordPress themes tempt you with beautiful images and bold promises, the Kadence theme delivers on every single promise.

This is coming from a busy mom of 5 who has very limited time to learn new things. But, over the past year, I have had the pleasure of working with Kadence and in this article, you’ll see why I deliberately only work with Kadence WordPress themes!

1. Speed

When we talk about site speed and page speed, the page speed tools are measuring how long it takes for your page to be completely loaded in the browser. The speed measurement tool is looking both at what the visitor sees along with code that is not seen as your page loads.

This is the primary reason to choose Kadence over another free theme or a paid theme with lots of bells and whistles. How the theme is coded has a significant impact on speed.

The Kadence theme totals only 42KB. This measurement tells us that the theme code is light and fast.

Even if you are still on a learning curve about WordPress and themes, identifying these features now will save you time and trouble in the future. No heavy code files are running in the background that will slow down your site. The stylesheets that determine colors, fonts, spacing, and other design elements are designed to only load the portion of the code that is needed for the specific page.

2. Accessibility

Welcoming every visitor who comes to our site is important. The Kadence theme follows the current accessibility WCAG 2.0 standards for screen readers and keyboard navigation. While there are other accessibility items that you will address as you add content to your site, you can rest assured that you are starting a theme developed to follow accessibility standards.

3. Gutenberg Integration

The Kadence theme is built to work with Gutenberg and the WordPress Block Builder. The Block Builder offers you formatting options for your posts. It also allows you to design all the pages for your site without having to add on a page builder like Elementor, which can slow down your site.

The Kadence theme developers introduced the very popular Kadence Blocks plugin more than a year before the theme was introduced. This allowed for the extensive fine-tuning that caused the theme to soar in popularity within the first two weeks of its release in 2020.

4. Drag and Drop Custom Headers and Footer

This is one of my favorite features of Kadence! Whether you are blogging for business or pleasure, you will appreciate the ease of drag and drop functionality to design both the header and footer of your site. This ensures that your site header will communicate what your site is about and encourage visitors to stick around for a while.

Both the header and the footer offer three rows for arranging the available blocks of content like menus, the search icon, your logo, and social media icons. You can style each row separately with the Design tab in the Customizer, for example, change the background color of the row.

You also have options for a Transparent Header (that could cover the top of a hero image) and a Sticky Header (that stays in view as your visitor scrolls down the page).

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5. Globally Linked Color Palette

When designing your site, you choose colors that coordinate with your logo and brand. This helps visitors understand the overall mood you want them to feel when browsing through your site. You can coordinate the color palette across your whole site with just a few clicks in the Customizer. Then, because the theme provides a Globally Linked Color Palette, whether you are working in the Customizer, building a page, or writing a blog post, those same colors are available with just a click to add a coordinating color to any element.

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6. Fonts & Buttons

Just as you can coordinate the colors for your whole site from the Customizer, you can do the same with your fonts and buttons. Choose fonts, colors, and type sizes for the text displayed throughout your site. You can stick with the standard default fonts or choose from the hundreds of Google fonts available with the click of an arrow.

Stylize your buttons for a cohesive look throughout your site. Choose colors, borders, fonts, type size, and hover effects.

7. Post and Page Layouts

Design your site pages and determine the layout of your individual blog posts and category pages directly in the Customizer. You can choose the page background color, the layout of your content, how much space you may want at the top and bottom of each page, and how your want your featured image displayed. Decide whether you want to display the page title and how you want it aligned. Will your pages have a sidebar or be fullwidth? All these choices take just a few clicks.

8. WooCommerce, Courses, and Membership Sites

Are you considering adding a shop, offering a course, or launching a membership? You’ll find another reason to believe that the Kadence is the best WordPress theme available. The theme is specifically designed to work with WooCommerce and the most popular course and membership plugins like LifterLMS and LearnDash.

For WooCommerce, consider upgrading to Kadence Pro for access to Kadence Woo Extras to make customizing your product, cart, and checkout pages a breeze.

9. Starter Templates and Child Themes

Would you rather start with a predesigned site and then tweak a few items to get the perfect fit? Check out the free Starter Template library available from Kadence. You can install a full site with coordinated pages or choose just one or two pages from the Design Library. Another source of predesigned site templates is premium child themes sold by several developers. These function in the same way as Starter Templates giving you a full site with coordinated colors, fonts, and graphic styles on every page.

Here are the best child themes that I highly recommend!

Restored 316

HelloYou Designs


Summerlyn Studios

Why Kadence is the Best WordPress Theme For Your Website

Now you know exactly why I believe Kadence is your best choice of theme for your WordPress site. Here’s a quick recap…

  • Speed– Your pages will load fast
  • Accessibility– The Kadence theme meeds accessibility standards
  • Gutenberg Integration– Built for the WordPress Block Editor
  • Custom Headers and Footers– Design with drop and drag ease
  • Color palette– Set colors for the whole site
  • Fonts & Buttons– Customize font and button styles
  • Layouts for Posts & Pages– Choose layout feature for posts and pages
  • WooCommerce, Courses, & Memberships– Add a store, sell a course, offer a membership
  • Starter Templates and Child themes– Start with a pre-designed template

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